The Runva Ratchet Braking system offers a failsafe design which is located in the gearbox. The ratchet noise when the rope is being freespooled out, and or the winch used under load is perfectly normal.
No, this will instantly also void your warranty.
Yes you can. You will need to buy a new winch motor and solenoid.
Yes you can. The drum sidewall on the steel cable option from factory is however thinner than with the rope winches. There is a small chance that you will eventually bend the side wall of the drum which would not be covered under warranty. You will also need to use a Hawse Fairlead as the Roller Fairlead can cause the rope to snap if pinched in the corner of the rollers.
Yes you can. You will also need a Roller Fairlead.
30M X 10MM however the EWN17500 and EWB20000 Premium uses 30M X 12MM.
Press and hold the power button for up to 5 seconds until the red LED indicator lights up.
The air clutch is used to engage and disengage the clutch remotely by the press of a button.
You will need an air supply with pressure availability of 87 – 125PSI. You will also need air lines, solenoid and in-cabin switch. The additional parts are not included and not part of our product range.
EWB9500-Q Premium, 11XS Premium, 11XP Premium, 13XP Premium, EWB20000 Premium.
Yes you can. You might be able to use the brackets included in the box. We supply remote extension plugs from the control box allowing you to remote mount the plug on your bar for easy access.
Yes you can. You will need to increase the diameter of the cable according to the increased length. Check this with an auto electrician.
In this instance you would mount the earth lead directly to the earth on the chassis. (Where the battery is earthed back to)
Do not use any other part of the chassis as this will likely damage your winch.
No they are not. Only our Premium models are IP67 ingress tested and selected other models as indicated. This however does not mean that our other models which are not tested, are any less watertight. Runva quality engineering is standard across all of our products. We only tested the Premium range as part of the many benefits.
M10 X 55 (The standard bolts supplied are M10 X 35)
Yes absolutely. All of our winches also have clutches so that the winch can be put into freespool and the cable pulled out by hand. The only exception here is the EH2000 Premium Lifting Series which has no freespool for safety reasons.
If you are cleaning your gearbox and need to regrease it, use about 150 – 200g of new grease. If you use too much it could cause some drag inside the gearbox.
We use Molybdenum Disulphide. Most high-temp greases would be fine.
Our winches are engineered to a very high standard and therefore do not require a breather kit. A breather kit is generally just a cheap and shortcut way for a manufacturer to make the winch more waterproof. Companies that use them would have had a lot of ingress issues due to poor engineering.