ATV Series

Our ATV range of winches are extensive and suits many applications like Quad Bikes, Side-X-Side Vehicles, Buggies, Trailers and much more. 5 Year Electrical and Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Ranges from 2,000lb - 4,500lb.

Compact Series

Our Compact Series winches were designed for applications needing a strong winch but with limited mounting space available. Ideal for Rock Crawlers, Boat Trailers, Car Trailers and much more. 5 Year Electrical and Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. Ranges from 8,000lb - 11,000lb.

4X4 Electric Series

We offer the widest selection of 4X4 Electric Winches. Our range has a winch to suit every vehicle and every style winch bar on the market today! Loved by thousands of users worldwide, you can count on these to get you out. Every one of these models are backed by a 5 Year Electrical and Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. From 6,000lb - 20,000lb.

4X4 Hydraulic Series

The 4X4 Hydraulic range of winches can be used for a large number of applications. These are ideal for Trailers, Wood Chippers, Tractors and much more. With the ability to run off a low volume pump the applications are endless. Very comprehensive kit supplied with these winches. Limited Lifetime Warranty. From 10,000lb - 13,000lb.

Industrial Series

Our range of Industrial Winches are built to last. If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective Industrial-Use Hydraulic Winch solution, these are the ones for you. Backed by an 18 Month Commercial Use Warranty these are here to work for you all day, everyday. From 11,000lb - 20,000lb.

Competition Series

If you are looking for a proven and cost effective competition winch these are for you. Both Electric and Hydraulic options are available. Used by many winning trucks around the world. These are ideal as your primary or secondary winch. From 9,500lb - 11,000lb.

Marine Series

Our latest 300lb Line Hauler is fast and reliable. Make pulling up those traps/pots quick and easy. An extremely well priced unit.

Marine Series

Accessories / Spare Parts

We offer a selection of Winch Accessories and of course a full range of Spare Parts for all our winches. If the part you require is not on the website, please contact us.

Lifting Series

We now offer a fully certified lifting series winch. Easily lift up to 2000lb with this model. This is the perfect winch for a wide variety of applications.

Lifting Series
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